4 Reasons Your Wedding Needs A Photo Booth

Emily & Justin - (4 Years Going On Strong!)

Emily & Justin - (4 Years Going On Strong!)

For your upcoming wedding, you might wonder if you even want a Photo Booth. Here are a few reasons why it’s absolutely worth it:

  1. Fun - When your wedding guests come to your event, you want to be the very best host to all of your friends and family who came out to see you tie the know, and at least in my own opinion, the best way is first to make sure you have a great caterer who is serving up some delicious food to your hungry guests at the reception. The second is the entertainment! For most events, a DJ or Live Band is a great addition, but what is almost essential these days is a Photo Booth to keep the momentum of the party going! From little kids to great grandparents, it’s the one time all of the most important people in your life are together, and the one opportunity you have to create some great memories of everyone having fun together.

  2. It’s a Gift to your Guests - Aside from the centerpieces that all the aunties will want to take home at the end of the night, getting physical copies of their fun photos that night is gonna be the one thing your guests will able to keep and remember the date. Even 4-5 years after a wedding, I still see those photos posted on refrigerators and some keep them in picture frames at their offices to remind them of the good times.

  3. Bang for the Buck - If you are anything like me, you want great value for your dollar, and that’s definitely true when you book the right Photo Booth company. On your most important day of your life you don’t want to leave it to chance with an untested, unreviewed cheap company on a Groupon site who might not even show up to your event. When you go with a established Photo Booth operator, you’ll know they will come to deliver the fun, and you won’t have to worry about them being insured, equipment breaking, rude attendants, or any of the other pitfalls that come with inexperienced vendors

  4. Social - In the age of social media with Facebook and Instagram, our booth is tops when it comes to sharing! Not only does our booth come with instant real time texting, but all the photos can be shared with our beautiful templates, and a whole gallery of all the photos can be posted to Instagram/facebook by you or your guests. For most wedding photographers, you won’t get to share any photos for uptown 4 to 6 weeks due to editing time, but with our booth, you get the photos ASAP usually with 48 hours. Making people happy and sharing photos instantly is what the people want, and that’s what we do!

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