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Our Creative Mission Statement


“We are Digi Photobooth and we like to create an amazing experience for our clients with super cool, state of the art, open-air style modern digital photobooths. Unlike the ‘old-school’ style of photobooths you might see at a mall or movie theatre where all you get is a grainy black & white strip , ours is designed to make sure everyone can join in on the fun. The Photobooth itself is sleek  and stylish and will fit in at any event. From the time we setup, guests will start to eagerly line up to pull off their best poses, get instant prints, and share them with all their friends through social media.”

Luis Ongpin Photo Party Hero, DigiPhotobooth 

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Our Photobooth Features

All Inclusive

Everything you need to begin partying right away – By selecting us as your entertainment for the evening lets you not have to worry about anything but giving us a space to set up and a power outlet. We Provide just about EVERYTHING to get started including the Photobooth, Printer Station, Props, Backdrop, Extension Cords. Just about everything we need to get started, we can take care of that for you.

Portability & Elegance

With over 1000+ event photography experiences since 2006, We put in countless hours to bring you a sleek, elegant, portable state of art photobooth with crisp and flattering lighting using a Professional Studio Photographer’s Light Kit including ‘Beauty’ Dishes & Soft Diffusion Umbrellas to make your photos POP!

Quality Customer Service

Our professionally trained staff will guide your guests through the fun picture taking sequence, and help guide them through our intuitive social media kiosks and print stations to ensure the line flows continuously, and that everyone has a chance to step into the booth and get a take home print.

Full Liability Insurance + Backup Equipment

Rest easy knowing we have full liability insurance in the rare case of any possible mishap, and in addition are well equipped in the any sort of unlikely incident of equipment failure. We always bring backup equipment to make sure that in the event of any downtime during the event, we keep it to a minimum in the event it should occur.

Events Covered
Brand Activations
Smiling Photos Taken

Questions & Answers

What Type Of Photobooth is the 'DigiPhotobooth'?

Our Photobooth uses the modern ‘Open-Air’ style, where not only can the participants have a view of the booth, but all your guests waiting in line can see all the fun going on. This gives several advantages over the old style booths including we can fit way more people (On more than one occasion we’ve fit more than 20+), It allows us to have a better quality of lighting with our beauty dish, and it makes the experience more fun watching your friends making a silly face and getting their picture taken.

So How Does the 'DigiPhotobooth' Work Anyway?

Simple. Just walk right in front of our booth. Grab some props. Touch the Screen. Your Photos will be taken instantly, and with our live-view camera, you will be able to see yourself in real-time, allowing you a few seconds to ‘primp’ right before the picture takes. After the sequence is over, you can go over to the other side to our print station, get a couple of prints, and if you have a social share package, you can even share the photos instantly to facebook, instagram, twitter, or just e-mail directly to your phone! Not only that, but you will also get a little card with our website on it, where your guests can download and view all the images from the gallery within 24 hours after the event.

How do i reserve a date? Is there a deposit?

Yes. As our booth is VERY popular, especially during the summer season, we do ask a $300 deposit to keep your booking date reserved. If you need to stretch this out a little bit, drop us a line, and we can make it work for you.

What if i want to go over the time limit i've booked?

If the fun is still going on and you want to extend your time, simply let us know and if we can, you extend your time for $125 per hour (after maximum listed hours on pricing sheet)

Can i get prints of the photos after the event?

Yup! With every package, you and your guests will have access to an online gallery where if you want to order additional prints and larger sizes, you can do so at a very modest price. In addition to that, they of course can download all their images for FREE at full-resolution.

Do you Edit these Photos?

Yes, we add a little ‘special’ editing to every photo to make all of your already good looking guests POP with that little ‘extra’ :) !

What if i want to make a custom backdrop? Or use just the wall at a venue?

Not at all, we can use your custom backdrop with our stands, or you are always free to use the Venue Wall.

Do you charge for Travel?

Seattle: No Charge for events within a 30mi radius of Downtown Seattle. Anywhere outside that, please call us to get our modest mileage rate.
Portland: No Charge for events within a 30 mi radius of Downtown Portland. (2/3hr digital-only packages on a limited basis). Anywhere outside that, please call us to get our modest mileage rate.
Anywhere Else: Call us to get our modest transportation/lodging rate for us to come to your event. Hawaii…well…i’ll see if we can get you a special rate for that ;)

Is Setup and Breakdown of the booth part of the package?

Yes it is! It takes us about 60 minutes to set-up and 20 to take-down typically depending on the location. It is included with your package and is not counted towards your ‘active’ booked time.

Can my guests view my photos right away?

Yes absolutely, we have it viewable on a selection screen right outside the booth, and guests in line can also see them as well.

I saw a Groupon for a guy who does Photobooths for $199, and he says he'll do it for 5 hours with unlimited prints, can you price match him?

Short Answer. Nope.
Long Answer. With the popularity of Photobooths, there are a lot of new upstart photographers who think all it’s just a camera on a tripod, and end up getting a cheap slow ink-jet printer from office depot instead of a quality dye sublimation printer that prints photos that last for years. There are some people who are trying to tie-in photobooths with their existing businesses , such as DJs and other people who have ZERO experience with photography. While we are very competitive price wise and will work with most of our clients with their budget, we provide a unique experience, and guarantee a high level of service, I have 10 years of photography experience, and I will make your investment in creating an experience worth it!

Are Props Included with my Package? What if i want a LOT of them!

Yes. We provide a standard prop kit with every booth, and have the option for a GIANT prop set and can customize them for your event. We keep everything clean and fresh by providing wipes at the event, and we sterilize all props after use to keep things clean!

How long have you been in business for?

I’ve actively been working as a professional photographer since 2006, and i started the Photobooth in mid 2010 after trying out some very innovative modern ones in LA. It’s been a party ever since!

Pricing & Packages

Instant Print Station (Package A)

$ 799

2 Hours

3 Hours : $1099

4 Hours : $1299

  • +  State Sales Tax.
  •  Set Up and Pack Down Included.
  •  Professionally Trained & Uniformed Photobooth Operators
  •  State of the Art Modern ‘Open-Air’ Style Photobooth
  •  Unlimited Sessions
  •  Easy to Use Touchscreen Monitor
  •  Instant Viewing
  •  Beautiful ‘Beauty Dish’ & Umbrella Lighting for the most flattering images!
  •  Choice Of 3 Backdrops
  •  Uploads Within 24 Hours
  •  Take Away Cards with Web Address for guests to download
  •  Easy to Use Online Photo Gallery w/ Option to purchase additional various size prints.
  •  Free & Unlimited Full-Res Downloads
  •  Includes Props
  •  Includes Custom Text, or Your Logo.
  •  Fun Prop Selection
  • Free Delivery Within 30mi of Seattle Area (98105) and Portland Area (97209).
  •  Available to Travel – Call for mileage pricing outside area.
  • Check Availability!

Premium Event Package (Package B)All the little 'extras' for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and Special Memorable Events!

$ 1349

4 Hours+ State Sales Tax.

  •  Set Up and Pack Down Included.
  •  Professionally Trained & Uniformed Photobooth Operators
  •  State of the Art Modern ‘Open-Air’ Style Photobooth
  •  Unlimited Sessions
  •  Easy to Use Touchscreen Monitor
  •  Instant Viewing
  •  Beautiful ‘Beauty Dish’ & Umbrella Lighting for the most flattering images!
  •  Choice Of 3 Backdrops
  •  Uploads Within 24 Hours
  •  Take Away Cards with Web Address for guests to download
  •  Easy to Use Online Photo Gallery w/ Option to purchase additional various size prints.
  •  Free & Unlimited Full-Res Downloads
  •  Includes Props
  •  Includes Custom Text, or Your Logo.
  •  Fun Prop Selection
  • Free Delivery Within 30mi of Seattle Area (98105) and Portland Area (97209).
  •  Available to Travel – Call for mileage pricing outside area.
  • Check Availability!

Extras to Add-On Packages

Deluxe Prop KitMUST HAVE!

$ 49

Per Event
      • Make your event go from GREAT to AWESOME by selecting our GIANT Deluxe Prop Kit Add-On!
      • Includes Moustaches
      • Word Bubbles
      • Wedding Themed Option
      • and much much more!

Pay As You Go Printer

$ 49

Per Event
      • Add on a printer and select either to pay $5 per print up to a certain # of prints, or to give participants option to purchase prints at $5 rate per 4×6.

Double Unlimited Printer

$ 125

Per Printer
      • Add on to any ‘Unlimited Prints’ Package for large scale events, book two printers to reduce wait time for clients to receive prints.

Green Screen Option

$ 49

Per Event
      • You can select a fun digital background that will show up on the digitals and prints
      • Limitless Variety of Backdrops Selections.

27" Slideshow Monitor

$ 49

Per Event
      • Let Those Outside The Booth Laugh Along With Those In Front of It. A 27″ Continuously Updating Slideshow Is Always A Big Hit!


$ 99

Per Event

CD/USB Stick of All Photos

$ 99

Per Event

Social Media Station + Onsite WiFiINSTANT SHARING

$ 99

Per Station

Idle Time

$ 75

Per Hour

HD Video Montage Slideshow

$ 99

Per Event

Red Carpet

$ 49

Per Event

Digital Projector

$ 99

Per Event

Included Gratis

$ 0

Per Event
      • We do allow guests to leave a tip in a small jar at our table if they choose, it is completely optional, however if it is your preference,  if you prefer we don’t have it out, please let us know.
      • No Charge if Selected at Contract Signing.

Double Booth

$ 25% off

At Same Event
      • If you are having a large scale event, and you want two of our Photo Booths under the same roof, get the 2nd package at a 25% discount on the 2nd booth.
      • 2nd Package must be equal or lesser value than first

Are these the only plans?

While the above listed plans cover most configurations for our photobooth, please contact us if you have a custom package you would like us to help you create, we want to hear what you would like for your booth, and make something special.

Are there any discounts?

Why YES! I’m glad you asked. I do offer discounts to local schools and select non-profit organizations. Typically we cannot offer them on our busy Saturday evenings during the summer wedding season, but on occasion if are available,  we try to do what we can for our local Seattle community and discount where we can. In order for us to see what we can do for you, please fill out the form on the link below, and we would love to talk to you about your upcoming event. Also if you are a repeat customer, you always get upgraded to the Deluxe Prop Kit ($49) at no extra charge! 

How soon should i reserve my booth? How much is it to reserve the date?

Our photobooth is quite popular, and we do reserve it on a first come first serve basis, so my recommendation is always, once you know you want the photobooth on a date, please give us a call and get your reservation in right away. Even if you aren’t 100% sure, just drop us a line or give us a call and we can help you out selecting your package and helping you out to make sure you get that date reserved..

How much is it to reserve the date?

To reserve the date we require a $300 deposit (+9.5% sales tax), this ensures we have a photobooth available for your date, and that we don’t double-book for the same date. If you can’t make the full deposit right now but want a date reserved, just give us a call and we can usually work out a plan depending on how far away the event date is, and we’d be happy to assist you in getting the date reserved.  

Client Testimonials

"Everyone had SO much fun with the photobooth, I don't think it was empty once during the whole three hours! We also had all the photos the next day! I would highly recommend Digiphotobooth."

− Cassandra L.

"The backdrop options are endless. I wanted something in particular and he was able to make it look cooler than i had planned. "

− Laura H.

"Hands down the best photo booth around! Been to a lot of weddings and this one was hands down the best...that's why I had them at my wedding!"

− Hoa T.

"Overall, Digiphotobooth greatly exceeded our expectations. I will definitely use them again, and highly recommend!"

− Jordan N

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If you have a Question about our Photobooth, then I’d like to answer it. Feel free to call or send us a message, and i’d be happy to do what i can to make sure you have a fun and awesome Photobooth at your next party!

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Seattle (Call or Text Anytime): (206) 501-1960

Mailing Address: 4616 25th Ave NE #139. Seattle,WA. 98105