Q: How many people can fit in your open-air photo booth?

A: Unlike the old fashioned photobooths, our photobooths are spacious and can fit up to 10+ people. comfortably.

Q: Do the photos print instantly?

A: Once all photos are taken, the photo strips instantly print into the collection tray within eight to twelve seconds! Our printers are all dye-sub which means they are super fast and super high quality.

Q: I heard you can download these online?

A: Yes Indeed! All attendees will get a card allowing them to download their photos from our gallery for a FREE Instant Download! Included with all rentals! If you want a private gallery let us know and we will print the password right on the photo for your guests!

Q: Can we have the template say or show anything we want?

A: Yeah, we can brand and setup the layout on the photos in any way that you like. We can customize everything from color to patterns and insert any art you would like!

Q: I have an outside event, is this a problem?

A: Sure thing, please keep in mind we do need a few things for an outdoor event. 1) We need a power source 30ft or closer near to where we will be stationed. 2) We need to be on a hard, flat surface, no hills please. 3) We need to be under a tent or some sort of awning just in case of bad weather. 

Q: I have about 150 guests, which plan should I get?

A: On average, an event with 150+ guest, will typically be great with a 3 hour package. Every 50+ guests, we recommend adding 1 hour.

Q: Are there any venue requirements for the booth?

A: The photo booth requires a standard 120V AC power outlet. Photo booth area needs to be within 30ft of the wall outlet, and we require a 6ft table and possibly a cocktail table for drinks from guests.

Q: Will my photos be on Facebook?

A: Your photos will be kept inside the gallery or this website. We do not sell your photos nor do we post whole galleries on Facebook, we may use one or two photos for our 'Thank You' posts, or as example photos on our website, if there are any issues with photo usage, we will remove right away at your request.

Q: I hired a photographer, why do I need a Photo Booth?

A: It’s a major attraction for guests because it’s fun and photographers/videographers have a tendency to focus on the couple and close family and they move in and out of crowds to get candid shots. The Digiphotobooth creates a fun and exciting atmosphere of laughter that will fill the event. It is something that will keep them entertained and talking about this date for quite sometime. And when they forget, they’ll look back on the photo mementos to remember it all over again!

Q: What areas do you serve?

We regularly service the Seattle/Puget Sound area, and also will go down to Portland at no additional charge!  We have a travel fee if it’s outside of our 30 mile radius from 98105, but we will consider any place!

Q: How early do I need to reserve my photo booth rental?

A: Well seeing as people are already booking for next year’s events, I’d say the sooner, the better! We only require a 50% deposit to book your date! We book one event per day per equipment—so the earlier you book, the better chances you have of booking your date!

Q: What types of events do you service?

A: Weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs, Anniversarys, Birthdays, Corporate Marketing Events, Holiday Parties. Pretty much if you have a party, we can make it better!